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Welcome to the Fenzi Team Nosework Titling site!

A virtual titling program that focuses on excellent training progression in the sport of Nosework! Each NW TEAM level adds complexity for the dog-handler team, presenting them with a focus on strong fundamentals from the start. Focus on achievement through good training!

See Rules & Exercises for each Level

Each level adds complexity in 3 areas:


Difficulty of Skills Assessed

Challenges from Distractions

Multiple Testing Locations

…To prepare you to compete in live competition in your chosen organization! Or not! It’s up to you!

How is NW TEAM Different?

Instead of focusing on finished searching skills early in the titling process (for example, full vehicle searches with multiple vehicles), NW TEAM emphasizes core fundamentals that demonstrate progress in the development of an excellent nosework team, regardless of your particular training methodology.

By gradually adding complexity, adding distractions, and changing locations, the team can complete tests and titles in a way that encourages excellent training—gradually increasing challenges while building solid fundamental skills over time in a systematic fashion.

NW TEAM is a

Video Titling



Video titling allows you to review your submissions before paying a fee — so be sure to watch your own video and carefully review it against the rules!

Submissions are reviewed and scored by a judge who will provide feedback on your submission, as well as determine whether the video is a “pass” or a “not yet.”

Level 1-3 Compilation Video

NW TEAM Titles

Excellent searches are the product of excellent fundamentals, regardless of the methodology used to start the sport.

NW TEAM levels 1-3 focus on building a dog-handler team able to execute straightforward searches that emphasize the building blocks of solid teamwork in a way that shows training progression. As the level increases, so does search complexity, including distractions and multiple hides!

NW TEAM PLUS titles take the skills on the road! Can you perform your skills in new environments? This is a key skill for competing in live trials. A NW TEAM 3 Plus will be required before moving to Level 4.


NW TEAM Level 1-3

Designed to test important foundation skills, breaking later skills into component parts.

PLUS Titles 1-3

PLUS titles require dog-handler teams to demonstrate their skills in new locations.

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Fenzi NW TEAM Players

The easiest way to learn more about NW TEAM and to get started is to jump in and give it a try!

The NW TEAM program has a very active and supportive FB group to get you on your way; join our group and become a NW TEAM player!

The group is great for discussing training individual exercises with other trainers, learning more about the rules, and getting feedback on your videos with your own dogs.

Keep Learning!

More about NW TEAM

Still trying to wrap your head around how it all works?

No problem — we’ve made a page just for  you! It will walk you through everything you need to know about the benefits of NW TEAM, how it works, and what you need to do to get involved.