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Fenzi Nosework TEAM Titles

Founded in 2020


TEAM is an acronym for “Training Excellence Assessment Modules,” which perfectly describes our goal: a progression-oriented titling program that emphasizes excellence in training over training for any particular sport.

Each TEAM level adds complexity for the dog-handler team in three areas: the difficulty of the skills being assessed, the potential challenges in the form of food and toy distractions, and the challenge of the actual testing location.

The dog-handler team is presented with a wide range of interesting foundation skills that support future live trial experiences, if desired, no matter what organization.

By gradually adding distractions and changing locations, the team can complete searches and earn titles in a way that encourages excellent training — gradually increasing challenges while building complex skills over time and in a systematic fashion.

NW TEAM also provides an attractive option for handlers who cannot travel to competitions because of handler nerves, cost, a dog that is poorly suited to the trial environment, or other reasons.  By using a video submission process, there are no geographic barriers, and we welcome teams from all over the world to play!

Here’s an example of how the NW TEAM program works: For Level 1, the dog must complete a search with the handler located behind a boundary line in order to show independence.

For Level 2, independence is layered with problem solving, and the dog is required to navigate a maze to get to the hide.

Level 1 Exercises

In Level 3, the next step of independence and problem solving is layered with sourcing, and the dog must source a deep accessible hide in order to show independence and commitment to odor.

All of the components of excellent training can be introduced very early in a dog’s career, and indeed there are many reasons to do so. Not only is it more fun for the dog-handler team, it gives the dog a longer period of time to master complex skills.

We believe this approach creates an incentive for handlers to remain focused on excellent training rather than preparing for competition by level.

Focus on training excellence with the NW TEAM program!

In Levels 1-3, NW TEAM emphasizes the core building blocks of Nosework.

This ensures that dog-handler teams demonstrate the fundamental aspects that will be necessary to move up the levels in live competition, if desired.

As a team successfully moves through the levels, they demonstrate skills to be successful in any Nosework organization, but they also demonstrate their ability to execute meaningful training.

We want you to succeed! To assist with that process, we provide video examples of each of the tests, and handlers are strongly encouraged to submit only passing videos! If you cannot move quickly and smoothly through the level, then stop testing and get back to training!

NW TEAM provides an attractive option for handlers who cannot travel to competitions because of :

Handler Nerves

Trial Environments


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Passing TEAM NW Level 2 Run

If you’d like support in your training journey, join the Facebook group: Fenzi NW TEAM Players There you will find more information and tons of support as you work through the exercises!

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