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Official Rules & Exercise Descriptions for each Level

Competition Submission

Searches must be completed in the same calendar week (within 7 consecutive days) and cannot be from in-person or other online trials. Videos must be setup per the rules specifically for this titling submittal. Maximum length of video is stated for each level. All exercises must be combined into one video. Playlists will not be accepted. You are welcome to use a tripod, stand, or assistant to videotape your run. You can not hold the camera or use an attached camera when capturing the search.

We have provided video examples of each exercise, including variations where appropriate. You can find those by selecting the level you are interested in, and then scroll down to the specific exercise.

The searches must be merged into one video submission and must be done in order, one after the other. Your dog should be sufficiently well-trained through the level that he/she is capable of doing all of the searches correctly, meeting specified criteria.

If for any reason your search needs to be rerun (camera failure, major fault) it’s suggested your modify the hide placement and start line. If you can’t easily move the object with the hide, it’s recommended that you select a new search location. If after 2 failed attempts consider retrying the next day. If your dog shows interest/alerts on a location that looks like lingering odor, your correct indication could be deemed questionable by the judge.

Submitting Your Video

Upload your video to YouTube. You will submit a link to your video on your submission form. If you’re unsure of how to upload a video to YouTube, please search Google for assistance or visit the YouTube website. We cannot provide technical assistance on how to use YouTube.

  1. In order to submit a run, you will need to first sign up for a TEAM user account. You can do that here. Once you’ve created your account, you will need to login and register your dog (registration cost is $20/dog).
  2. Once you have registered your dog, your dashboard will show a button titled “Show My Dogs.” Clicking on this will display a list of the dogs you have currently registered with TEAM.
  3. To the right of each dog is a button that reads “Show Info/Submit Video.” Click the button to the right of the dog for which you would like to submit a video run.
  4. Click “New Video Submission” and fill out the form. The target odor MUST be specified on the form with your submission in the field “Extra Information for your Submission. Each video submission is $29/run. On average, it takes 5-7 days to receive your results; however, occasionally, it may take up to two weeks.