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Official Rules & Exercise Descriptions for each Level

Exercise 3-1: Containers with Food Distraction

This exercise tests the dog’s odor obedience and ability to avoid food distractions in container searches, specifically food in the Dairy group.  The search is set up in a way so that the dog encounters the food distraction before getting to the hot container.

Purpose: Demonstrates the dog can search in the presence of a food distractor.

Age of Hide:  Recommend 10 minutes minimum

Number of Hides: 1

Search Area: Any suitable location

Hide Placement: Handler’s choice. Hide is placed in a container and the container is placed directly AFTER the food container distraction.

On/Off Leash: On leash

Required Calls: Handler must say “Alert” or raise hand when their dog has communicated they have found target odor. The Alert call must come before rewarding your dog and should be the handler’s first confirmation of their dog finding the hide. The Handler must say “Finish” in all searches to end the search.

Exercise set-up: Use a minimum of 12 containers of any type (enclosed on all sides that has a cover, lid, or fold flap). The containers can be a mix of different types as long as the hot container is not the only different one. The containers are placed in a U shape configuration. Maximum distance between each container is 3 feet. Hide is placed per guidelines. A dairy food distractor is placed in one of the containers that does not have odor and placed directly BEFORE the hide so that the dog encounters the distractor naturally when entering the search area. The start line should encourage the setup so that the dog is likely to encounter the food distractor first before getting to the hot container. Search begins when the handler cues the the dog to search. Dog and/or handler must cross the start line. Handler must signal an “Alert” call for the single hide. Search ends when the handler calls “Finish”. While camera is still running, the handler must show the food in the distractor container.

Scoring: Pass/Not yet

Non-qualifiers: Odor paired with food; dog indicates on the distractor, dog will not leave or retrieves the distractor; luring dog off a distractor with food; excessive handler intervention (including leash pressure, body pressure, verbal) used to move dog away from intentional distractor; Handler takes toy away from dog; handler points to hide; dog does not show change in behavior at source; dog exhibits an unproductive (false) indication; dog retrieves hide or distractor; scent aids fall out from hide placement; exposed scent aids (not in vessel) placed in search area; dog eliminates during search; search parameters not met; incorrectly placed hide; incorrect call; Dog is rewarded before handler has made an alert call; Scent vessel not hidden and visible to dog or the human eye; Handler is out of view a majority of the search time.


Video example:

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