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Official Rules & Exercise Descriptions for each Level

Exercise 3-3: Blank Interior

As a dog moves up the levels, it’s essential that they understand and be comfortable working in the presence of no odor without feeling the urge to alert.  Additionally, the dog must be able to actively search and clear the area.  This search is accomplished indoors in a search area where no odor has been placed. 

Purpose: Develop skills for a dog to encounter a blank area and show coverage of area without indicating.

Age of Hide:  NA

Number of Hides: 0

Search Area: Interior space that has never had odor or well vented since last time odor was placed.

Hide Placement: NA

On/Off Leash: Either on or off

Required Calls: Handler must call finish to end the search.

Exercise set-up: No hide is placed. Interior space with distinct start line. Search begins when the handler cues the dog to search. Dog and/or handler must cross the start line. Dog must demonstrate adequate coverage of space before handler calls Finish. Search ends when the handler calls “Finish”. The handler and dog must be in view when the Finish call is made.

Scoring: Pass/Not yet

Non-qualifiers: Dog exhibits an unproductive indication; dog eliminates during search; search parameters not met; incorrect call; Dog is rewarded before the handler calls finish; Handler is out of view a majority of the search time.

Tips: Use a space that has not had odor in it previously or within the last 3 days to avoid dog encountering old odor in the search area.

Video example:

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Additional samples of Level 3 Exercise 3

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