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Official Rules & Exercise Descriptions for each Level

Exercise 3-5: Exterior Multiple Hide Search

The Multiple Hide Exterior search requires the dog to work 2 hides in close proximity to each other (no further than 8 feet apart).  The dog must be able to work both hides without pairing or handler direction.  This requires that the dog be able to disengage with the first hide in order to find the second.

Purpose: Demonstrates ability to work 2 scent cones and and move from one hide to another.

Age of Hide:  Recommend 10 minutes minimum

Number of Hides: 2 that are each different odors. Note: The same odor can be used for service or professionally trained detection dogs who are specifically trained on one odor.

Search Area: Exterior area that is minimally 200 square feet.

Hide Placement: Handler’s choice; hides should be placed no further than 8 feet apart.

On/Off Leash: On leash

Required Calls: Handler must say “Alert” or raise hand when their dog has communicated they have found target odor. The Alert call must come before rewarding your dog and should be the handler’s first confirmation of their dog finding the hide. The Handler must say “Finish” in all searches to end the search.

Exercise set-up:  2 hides of different odors are placed per guidelines. Hides must remain in place throughout search. Search begins when the handler cues the dog to search. Dog and/or handler must cross the start line. Handler must signal an “Alert” call for each hide. Search ends when the handler calls “Finish”.

Scoring: Pass/Not yet

Non-qualifiers: Odor paired with food; handler points to hide; dog does not show change in behavior at source; dog exhibits an unproductive (false) indication; dog retrieves hide; dog doesn’t disengage with first hide; handler pulls dog off first hide or lures dog off with food; scent aids fall out from hide placement; exposed scent aids (not in vessel) placed in search area; dog eliminates during search; search parameters not met; incorrectly placed hide; incorrect call; Dog is rewarded before handler makes an alert call; Scent vessel not hidden and visible to dog or the human eye; handler is out of view a majority of the search time. Dog dislodges hide during search. Wind direction not shown for vehicle search.

Tips: Handler can verbally encourage the dog off the first hide.

Video example:

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