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Official Rules & Exercise Descriptions for each Level

PLUS Titles 1-4

The Plus title series requires the skills of Levels 1, 2, 3 and 4 to be completed in a novel location not used in a prior video submission for NW TEAM titling. These submissions must also be completed away from home. The one exception is Level 2-6 Maze exercise which can be setup in an area previously used but not in the same area used in the standard Team 2 submission. If required due to the space or safety of the search area, you may run on leash if an exercise states to run off leash.

Since the exercises are composed of various search elements, the general site location may have been used previously but the actual searching area may not overlap with any previous exercise submissions. For example, if you had used the front of a building for one search, you can use the back of that building as a novel location for another search. In an effort to not define additional boundaries and restrictions, it is up to each team to find locations in the spirit of training in a truly novel place to test your dog’s ability to work in areas that are new and perhaps challenging.