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Official Rules & Exercise Descriptions for each Level


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Titling with TEAM NW


Level 1

Level 1 is intended to showcase the dog’s ability to find single, basic, accessible hides in a variety of situations. The level is intended to be straight forward, allowing the dog to demonstrate basic capability.

Level 2

In Level 2, the dog is asked to build on the basic fundamentals established in Level 1. Additional challenges are required including working around distractions and problem solving more complicated scenarios. Independence, problem solving, and the ability to work small unproductive areas are required at this level.

Level 3

Level 3 continues to build upon the challenges presented to the dog by requiring the dog to work despite intentional distractions or lack of odor, and be able to solve scenting puzzles incorporating multiple scent cones, larger areas, and deeper hides.

Plus Titles 1-3

The Plus Titles are intended to showcase the dog’s ability to work in a new, novel location. This is a core aspect of the sport of Nosework and is intended to demonstrate the dog’s fluency in understanding the task of searching and ability to focus in new environments.

The Plus title series requires the skills of Levels 1, 2 and 3 to be completed in a novel location not used in a prior video submission and different for each of the Plus levels.

Teams may complete each Plus level in conjunction with the original level or may choose to complete them after successfully finishing all of the NW TEAM Levels 1-3. For example, a team might choose to do NW TEAM1, 2, and 3 followed by NW TEAM1+, 2+, 3+ OR the team might do NW TEAM1 and then NW TEAM1+, NW TEAM2 and then 2+, etc. Once completed, the “NW TEAM+” title may be added after your dog’s name at the appropriate level.

Location planning is important for the Plus levels, as the location may not have been used in any prior video submissions. We suggest thinking about space requirements and considering how planning may assist you. For example, NW TEAM3 — which can be completed in any familiar location, including previously used locations — likely needs a fair amount of space compared to Level 1 or 2. You may use a location for either NW TEAM1+ or 2+ and then use it for NW TEAM3 only IF you submit the 1+ or 2+ video prior to the NW TEAM3 video.